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National Geographic Junior Metal Detector
National Geographic Junior Metal Detector
National Geographic Junior Metal Detector
National Geographic Junior Metal Detector
National Geographic Junior Metal Detector
National Geographic Junior Metal Detector

National Geographic Junior Metal Detector

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The most important feature of any kids metal detector is the weight. 

Hunting for treasure with your kid(s) is a lot more fun if they're not complaining about sore arms.

With a distinct yellow shaft and yellow details, the National Geographic Kids Metal detector weighs around 460gs with a handle that can be adjusted to fit the size of the hands of the one using it. 

The next most important feature (in my opinion) is that it's user friendly.  You don't want overload a kids metal detector with a load of confusing features.

Kids want to sweep, beep, dig and repeat.

It's a good design.

This device is designed to be the perfect metal detector for kids brand new to the hobby, but how effective of an introduction is it really?

In terms of operation, getting your hands on it for the first time is a good sign, with the handle being ergonomic and the weight of the device being well balanced to that it’s nice and easy to carry.

Otherwise, this kid’s metal detector is minimalist and streamlined, with no control panel or options to speak of. Clearly, it’s designed for true beginners, so let’s take a closer look at how well it works and what features it offers.

A closer look at how the National Geographic Kids Metal Detector works

When compared to any serious metal detector designed for adult detectorists, it’s clear that this one isn’t really designed to help with high value finds. It has no interface to help you identify or pinpoint the location of any signals.

It doesn’t have any ability to help you discriminate between sources, so just about anything that sets off the detector will result in a signal.

As such, it’s hard to review this metal detector from the perspective of whether or not it’s really a good metal detector. It’s designed to take children out into the garden and nearby fields and to help them make their first discoveries, rather than to find anything truly valuable. As such, it will pick up ferrous items, gold, aluminium, and the like, all without any kind of discrimination.

It doesn’t reach very far down into the ground, either. It can indicate metal objects up to 5cm away from the search coil. As such, this means that searching in tall grass can be very difficult indeed. But for a child’s first try on a metal detector, it does the job adequately.

How does the National Geographic Kids Metal Detector perform?

As mentioned, to call the National Geographic Kids Metal Detector “feature rich” would be very misleading indeed. But that doesn’t mean that it has no useful features. Quite the opposite, it’s well considered for the audience, making metal detecting easy and fun.

For instance, there’s a detachable LED light which can provide plenty of brightness while searching, even when dark, helping your child stay safe while looking for treasures outdoors. The LEDs are used for more than visibility, however.

The metal detector offers an acoustic signal when it picks up objects. When you start to get closer, the LEDs also light up to help you see the proximity and the direction of the object. While not quite as useful as a depth indicator or the ability to use a pinpoint mode, it certainly does offer some use. 

Otherwise, this child’s metal detector is very simply to use. It only has one button, which is to switch the power on and off, with the only other “option” being the adjustable handle, which can be moved from 65-83cm, making it easier to fit your child’s hand into comfortably.

Otherwise, it is worth noting that it does include a search coil that can be angled, making it easier to traverse hills and other terrain. This features is notably absent from some of the more adult-marketed detectors available, so it’s a nice surprise to find it here.

Is the National Geographic Metal Detector worth it?

Simply put, if you want to have a good time with this metal detector, then you better know precisely what you want from it.

If you want a feature rich metal detector that can pick up signals from deep in the ground, or even a detector that will help your child find their first gold or silver piece, then you had better look elsewhere.

With an inability to sense objects beyond 5cm deep, no ability to discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous objects, and few features in general, this metal detector is outperformed by most on the market when it comes to accuracy and usefulness.

However, if you want a device that can help teach your child the joys of metal detecting, and give them something fun to do in the garden or nearby field, then it works perfectly fine for that. Though, if you have any other metal detector, they would probably get the same enjoyment from following you as you use it.

Key Features:

  • The detector will make an audible sound and an LED light will flash when a metal object has been located.  This works at a depth of up to 6" for coins and over 12" for larger objects.
  • An extendable arm enables length adjustment. A padded strap and ergonomic grip make this metal detector perfect for kids
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - This great little metal detector weighs just 600g. Length adjusts from 24" to 39"
  • GUARANTEE - National Geographic Junior Metal Detector is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

This kids metal detector is easy to use and perfect for children

It's light enough for the kids to operate but built with the advanced technology and powerful searching features to make finding treasure fun and easy. Take it to the beach, park, or on a hike and find treasure everywhere you go!

Package Size: 25.1 x 10.2 x 4.0 inches