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Metal Detectors

Metal Detector Reviews

Metal Detector Reviews

Read our reviews on some of the most popular brands before you buy.

We have reviewed Minelab and Garrett metal detectors as well as some of the newer brands like Dr Otek, Nokta and the National Geographic metal detector for kids.

Metal Detector Reviews

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Top Metal Detecting Finds of 2020

Top 10 Metal Detecting Finds 2020 Due to the length of time that it takes for Treasure to be investigated...
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How Many Budding Metal Detectorists Are there?

Metal Detector Statistics How many metal detectorists are there? And how many people would quite fancy a go even if...
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Metal Detecting Accessories

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned detectorist, the sheer quantity of metal detecting accessories out there can...
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The ULTIMATE Metal Detecting Glossary

If it's related to METAL DETECTING... It's here in our GLOSSARY! All the terminology you might encounter as a detectorist,...
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Detectorist's Q&A

The idea of this page is to feature questions and answers with detectorists who have recently made the news following...
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Metal Detecting For Kids

Metal detecting is not a hobby limited to the experts- it can be a fun and affordable activity for the...
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