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TACKLIFE MMD03 Metal Detector - Great for kids!
TACKLIFE MMD03 Metal Detector - Great for kids!
TACKLIFE MMD03 Metal Detector - Great for kids!
TACKLIFE MMD03 Metal Detector - Great for kids!
TACKLIFE MMD03 Metal Detector - Great for kids!
TACKLIFE MMD03 Metal Detector - Great for kids!
TACKLIFE MMD03 Metal Detector - Great for kids!

TACKLIFE MMD03 Metal Detector - Great for kids!

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Hunting for treasure with a metal detector can be a fantastic hobby to pick up, but introducing kids to it has always been a bit hit and miss.

Thankfully, new kid-friendly hunting products such as the Tacklife MMD03 are starting to become more and more common on the market, and these aren’t plastic toys that barely function.

They’re fully-featured metal detectors that are affordable and can introduce younger audiences to this wonderful hobby.



The Tacklife MMD03 is marketed as an easy-to-use junior metal detector. Its purpose is to introduce kids to treasure hunting with simple tools that are similar to that of grown-up tools, but at a greatly reduced price and with stripped features that make it simple to operate.

To accomplish this, Tacklife has added a large back-lit LCD display that shows some typical information such as depth, discrimination, operating mode, sensitivity and battery level. While this sounds like a regular grown-up metal detector on paper, it achieves this with a very basic LCD display and easy-to-understand pictures.

For example, it displays iron as a Fe symbol, nails and what looks like a magnet. For non-ferrous low-conductivity metal, it shows a ring, a 5 cent coin and a spade-looking thing. For non-ferrous high conductivity metal, it shows a dollar coin, 50 cent coin and 25 cent coin.

Since it’s marketed towards kids, it makes sense that it shows some pictures as examples to separate the category of treasure they’ve detected.

However, it would’ve been nice to have a couple of data readings instead of just pictures. The other indicators on the screen such as depth and battery are incredibly simple, but for the low asking price of the Tacklife MMD03, we really can’t complain.

The construction of the Tacklife MMD03 is fairly simple, featuring a bright-orange colour scheme with a sturdy grip and lightweight stem. It’s certainly light enough for most children to use and the buttons are big and easy to press. It doesn’t have support for headphones but the speaker gets the job done.

The Tacklife MMD03 is also waterproof which enables it to be used underwater. The control box isn’t waterproof though, so you’ll need to ensure your kids don’t get the entire thing wet. The stem is also adjustable to different heights and it comes with a 24-month warranty for extra peace of mind.


The Tacklife MMD03 is advertised as a kid’s metal detector and it pulls this off with no problem at all. However, we did find that the display was a little disappointing in how it displays the different types of metals and frequencies.

If this was a complete learning tool for kids to get into more advanced detectors, then we would’ve liked to see the actual frequencies and not just a picture to represent what it’s detected.

In terms of actually using it, we found that the adjustable stem worked really well and enabled kids of all heights to use it effectively. It’s also surprisingly lightweight and easy to handle thanks to the sturdy grip. We also found that the screen itself was nice and bright thanks to the backlight and the buttons were easy enough to press.

In terms of actually detecting anything, you might be surprised to hear that it works perfectly fine and the depth reading is accurate enough. Equip your kids with some digging equipment and they’ll have hours of fun looking for treasure on beaches or in the backyard.



  • Lightweight and sturdy construction makes it suitable for kids
  • Waterproof stem makes it good for use underwater
  • Simple operation, very easy to use
  • Large back-lit LCD screen
  • Big buttons to change settings


  • Display is a bit too oversimplified and doesn’t teach kids about frequencies in metal detecting
  • The screen isn’t waterproof so it’s important to be careful with it in water or when it’s raining

While the Tacklife MMD03 doesn’t come with features that even low-end metal detectors have, the asking price more than makes up for it. It’s a fun way to introduce your kids to treasure hunting and it’s a good entry point before they get a grown-up detector of their own.

It’s light enough that kids can use it on a regular basis and it helps to get your kids outdoors and trying new hobbies. If you have children that you want to introduce to treasure hunting then this is a fantastic entry point.


Package Dimensions: 21.3 x 10.3 x 6.4 inches