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Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector, 2018 Model

Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector, 2018 Model

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At A Glance

Minelab's X-Terra 305 is a very good quality beginners metal detector. 

It’s robust construction and capabilities enable you to get a feel for how metal detection works before investing in more expensive equipment. It’s a great all-rounder and has innovative functions to ensure you get an accurate and reliable reading while you’re exploring. 

This lightweight detector weighs around 1.3 KG, with a 9” concentric coil and an ergonomic handle designed for comfort while holding from your hand.

Simplicity is a great benefit of the Minelab X Terra 305, needing you to fit minimal pieces together. But how does that simplicity really pay off when you get to using?

For those who like going on long excursions with their detector, or simply like being able to store it and retrieve it easily the ease with which it can be assembled and disassembled it definitely a bonus.

When in use, the large control panel and highly readable LCD display only enhance that useability. As such, it’s a good fit for anyone who’s a brand new detectorist, just as the large buttons are easy to navigate, too.

For anyone looking for an introduction to metal detecting, and are considering a lightweight, no-nonsense metal detector. Take a look at our review of the Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector to get a feel for how this equipment could help you get started. 

Key features

The Minelab X-Terra has several key features that offer reliable results, including:

Innovative VFLEX technology

This innovative technology uses state of the art digital electronics to enhance your detection experience. You also get excellent performance and improved immunity from outside interference while in use. This model also changes the detectors coil, which in turn adjusts the equipment operating frequency. This feature enables the detector to be used in a variety of different detecting situations without extensive modifications. VFLEX technology also provides perfect sine wave transmission to ensure increased detecting capabilities. 

Coil compatibility 

This metal detector is compatible with both medium frequency [7kHz] and high frequency [18.75kHz] coils. It also has six accessory coil options that enable you to enjoy increased versatility and improved metal detecting experience. 

Pinpoint mode feature

It’s essential to be able to hone in on your finds when using a metal detector to eliminate the time wasted on unrewarding items. The Minelab X-Terra 305 model has a Pinpoint mode that highlights finds with a variable tone and graphical indicator. It also has a depth indicator that updates continuously even in this mode to offer increased accuracy and reliability. 

Noise-cancelling function

You need to be able to pick up on the slightest noise when metal detecting so this model is perfect for honing in on items underground. It’s three manual noise cancel functions allow you to set the channel according to your preferences. 

Target ID functionality 

To give you greater flexibility when deciding on target signals, there are three options on the Minelab X-Terra 305 model to provide you with more choice for multi-tone target ID response. You can decide on how the signal is represented according to your needs. 

Ground balance capabilities 

Varying terrain has a different composition, so it’s vital to be able to adjust to your metal detector to the conditions. This metal detector model is equipped with a ground balance feature that allows you to adjust the capability between 0-20 to stabilise ground mineralisation more easily. 

Clear LCD display

It’s important to be able to see your metal detector display accurately and clearly. This model comes with a positive reflective LCD display to enable you to view it effectively in different light situations. Its large 76mm x 37mm screen is also perfect for seeing all the information clearly. 

Threshold adjustment

Whether you are hunting for treasures in shallower areas or want to explore deeper into the ground, the Minelab Terra-X 305 metal detector is equipped to handle each type of threshold. This model allows you to set different levels from -5 to 25, which enables you to determine variations in the target requirements. For beginners, this gives you the experience of searching for deeper items that have been buried for longer and may have compacted over time. 

Easy to carry 

There’s nothing worse than carrying around bulky equipment, especially when you’re just starting out. To get used to the type of movements and work required when metal detecting, this detector has been created in a lightweight material which is approximately 1.3kg, including the battery pack. 

Battery-powered metal detection

You won’t need to leave this metal detector on charge for hours on end to get results, as it’s powered on four AA batteries. This means that you can plug and play to go out exploring and they are easily replaced. The Minelab Terra-X 305 also tells you when the battery is low with an audio and visual alert, so you minimise downtime. 

Perfect for beach conditions 

This metal detector is ideal for anyone looking to search local beaches and dunes for smaller items. It can detect everything from coins and jewellery even down to those small metal items that get lost in the sand every year. 

Clear and accurate audio settings 

Another essential feature in metal detection is having clear and concise audio to differentiate between noises. The Minelab Terra-X 305 comes complete with headphones which have an internal speaker to ensure precise sound delivery. 

Volume adjustment features 

For general treasure hunting, it’s good to have an adjustable volume feature on your metal detector. When you’ve found something, this model allows you to achieve better audio information on a particular target. The target volume adjustment range from 0-10 and gives you the opportunity to hone in on different signals depending on your finds. 

Improved sensitivity 

Alongside its other features, you can adjust the sensitivity from 1-10 on the Minelab Terra-X 305 to suit your preferences. This way, it’ll pick up smaller items more accurately and can be adapted to the type of area you are looking in. 

Intelligent user settings

Once you’ve set your requirements on the metal detector, this model retains the information even when the batteries have been removed or replaced. This saves times, especially if you search on similar terrain, and is easier for people that are hobbyists or irregular users. 

Great value for money

For the features this metal detector has, you’re getting great value for money. This model has been described as a good all-rounder for individuals or families that want to try their hand at metal detecting. Plus, it offers more features than several other detectors in the same class. It’s also perfect for regular use and provides a versatile metal detecting experience for hobbyists and beginners alike.  

From VFLEX technology to six coil options for increased versatility, these extensive functions provide an affordable and accessible option for anyone starting out in metal detection.  

A closer look at how the Minelab X-Terra 305 works

Looking more closely at the control panel, it’s clear that they have done what they can to simplify and streamlining in the design.

The buttons on the control panel are as follows: a Power button, menu button, pinpoint/detect (to switch the range modes), plug/minus buttons to adjust settings, 123 buttons to switch between different discrimination modes, tick and cross to approve or reject found metal compositions, and AM to to switch to all metal patterns or to discrimination modes.

There are 3 detection modes as a default with the X-Terra 305, but these can be customised.

They include the all metal mode that picks up all kinds of metal compositions, pattern 1 which rejects ferrous objects such as iron but will still pick up other metals such as gold, and pattern 2 which does the same thing, but also rejects ferrous and aluminium foil.

The pinpoint and detect feature allows you to switch between broader detection modes and a more precise way of locating items. When in pinpoint mode, the X-Terra gives an ongoing beep, shifting in tone as you get closer to it, much like playing hot and cold.

How does the Minelab X-Terra 305 perform?

At first glance, this might seem entirely designed for beginners, but it’s rather feature rich with some advanced extras such as ground balance. This feature reduces the false signals that can be given off when the metal detector isn’t balanced properly, making it easier to ensure you’re getting good signals.

Another feature that helps is the threshold adjustment. Effectively, this allows you to fine tune what is and isn’t a good target, as the coil will reject items outside the threshold.

Similarly, the noise cancel feature of the X-Terra 305 allows you to change the frequency of the machine as needed to offer more accurate readings.

Often, a detectorist will find their machines making popping or clicking noises, which can be caused by interference from power lines and other electrical frequencies. Switching the frequency can stop that.

Target indication and depth identification are highly prized features, giving you a much better idea of what you’re picking up and where it is. The depth indication offers a measurement in 1-5 arrows, letting you know almost precisely how deep the item is down to 5cm, so you can be careful while digging.

Meanwhile, target ID displays the material and properties of the item as best as possible. It’s not foolproof, and can make mistakes, but as you get to know it, you can begin to accurately predict more of the items you find.

Is the Minelab X-Terra 305 worth it?

As far as a beginner’s detector goes, it’s hard to argue with the features, usability, and general quality of the Minelab X-Terra 305. Furthermore, it has additional features that really do add a lot to the experience of using it.

It is in a higher price range that most beginner detectors out there. However, it’s a nice step up from the truly entry level detectors, and has enough features that it works as a detectorist’s first “serious” metal detector. 

Minelab are known for producing good metal detectors, and the X-Terra 305 lives up to that reputation with no issues at all, doing its job well, with several features to help you hone in on good targets, really good accuracy, and discirmination settings that can really save you some time so you’re not digging up bad targets all the time. 

If you’re looking for a highly usable, but versatile metal detector that’s good for beginners yet still adequate for the more practiced detectorist, then this might just be the pick for you.


Key Features:

  • Includes trowel, coil cover and headphones
  • Minelab's patented "True Digital" technology
  • Compatible with both Medium Frequency (7kHz) and High Frequency (18.75kHz) waterproof coils.
  • 6 alternative coil options offer improved versatility
  • Accurate Ground Balance capability with manual adjustment