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DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector
DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector
DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector
DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector
DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector
DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector
DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector

DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector

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Designed for serious metal detectorists, the Dr Otek MT-XR Metal Detector has a range of useful features. From a handy backlit LCD display to a large, waterproof coil, you can rely on this model from Dr Otek for metal detecting in any terrain.

Popular with both professionals and enthusiasts, the MT-XR detector has become one of the best-known products from the Dr Otek line.

The LCD backlit panel ensures you can access information in dim lights or total darkness, so it’s ideal if you regularly take your metal detector to rural locations or to poorly lit environments, such as caves.

Adjustable sensitivity makes the MT-XR highly versatile. If you find you get a lot of false positives, you can simply adjust the detector’s sensitivity to reduce the rate of false indications.

When you’re traveling from one location to another, this is a must-have feature, particularly as different soil compositions and terrains can require varying sensitivities.

Offering a max. coin depth of 25cm, the Dr Otek MT-XR Metal Detector offers one of the best depths you’ll find. Outstripping many other models, you can rely on the MT-XR to locate metal deep underground, thus enhancing the number of finds you’ll make when you’re searching for buried metal and coins.

However, the search depth is also adjustable on the MT-XR, so you can customize your searching, based on your aims and objectives.

With five search modes, the MT-XR metal detector is hard to beat when it comes to tailor-made searching. You can choose from pinpoint mode, discrimination, all metal, jewelry and memory modes to make your searching more efficient.

The highly innovative memory mode enables you to search for just one kind of metal and will only alert you when it finds this particular metal, which speeds up searching times and minimizes the risk of false positives or unwanted finds.

The search coil in the Dr Otek MT-XR Metal Detector is 9.8” wide, which may explain the detector’s exceptional functionality. Capable of detecting coins up to 25cm underground, you’ll find the coil is more than capable of finding larger objects even deeper.

Fun and Functional

The MT-XR is designed to be customizable and the range of adjustable alert tones reflects this. With various tone options and volumes to choose from, you can make the MT-XR your own. Of course, a handy headphone jack means you can attach earphones or headphones if you choose to.

Due to its lightweight design, the Dr Otek MT-XR Metal Detector is easy to transport and ideal for use on treks, hikes and holidays. Whilst the MT-XR is built to a professional standard, it also provides great family fun when you’re camping, visiting rural areas or even exploring your own backyard.

However, the Dr Otek MT-XR Metal Detector isn’t designed for internal use. When used inside, the vast majority of metal detectors give false readings due to the level of interference from modern appliances.

Whilst historical buildings may not present the same problems, the Dr Otek MT-XR Metal Detector is recommended for outdoor use only.

If you enjoy metal detecting on beaches or riverbanks, the Dr Otek MT-XR Metal Detector might be the best choice for you. Whilst the entire unit isn’t waterproof, the search coil is.

This ensures you can use the MT-XR is shallow waters and make great finds with it. Given its professional-use, some users may be disappointed that the unit isn’t completely waterproof. However, for the vast majority of users, the waterproof coil will provide an adequate amount of submersion for underwater searching.

Available for around US $126 / £100, the Dr Otek MT-XR Metal Detector isn’t the cheapest model on the market. However, when you consider the features and functionality the unit offers, it’s certainly worth the price. In fact, you’ll find it hard to locate a metal detector with as much capability as the MT-XR anywhere else.

Running on just a 9V alkaline battery, the MT-XR is easy to keep powered up too. Whilst your first battery comes with the unit, you can keep recharged batteries ready to go when you’re on the road or just pop a new, standard 9V alkaline battery into the unit, as and when you need to.

Whether you’re an avid detectorist, a professional researcher or a complete beginner, the Dr Otek MT-XR Metal Detector is a fabulous choice. With the ability to find a range of materials at varying depths and the option to use the MT-XR is various terrains, as well as shallow waters, you’ll have endless fun with the MT-XR, wherever you choose to search.


  •  Top of the DR.ÖTEK line. The MT-XR is a great new addition.  5 upgraded modes including Pinpoint Mode, All metal, Discrimination, Memory, and Jewelry.
  • LARGE LCD DISPLAY has a clear 3" x 2.2" screen with a backlight that is easy to read. 
  • POWERFUL 9.8" WIDE SEARCH COIL can locate a coin up to 10" beneath the surface
  • ADJUSTABLE DEPTH & SENSITIVITY. Spend far less time digging while finding more exciting objects!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and portable, making it great to use on a long search.


Package Size: 23.1 x 10.8 x 6.1 inches