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What is it?

The National Council for Metal Detecting is a membership organisation which exists to promote, protect and encourage responsible metal detecting.


The NCMD plays an important role in representing the interests of metal detectorists across the UK, guarding it from inaccurate, unfair and potentially damaging criticisms that are levelled at the hobby from time to time.

There are two different membership options - one for the whole of the UK and a regional membership option for Scotland.

Detectorlist encourages all detectorists to join as a member of the NCMD.

Search Agreement

You will also find a metal detecting search agreement template which can be downloaded and printed, which is a great time-saver as well as promoting consistency of standards.

Metal Detecting Insurance

It is a good idea to get some form of insurance if you are going to be metal detecting regularly.  

Having looked around, we can confidently state that lots of insurers simply don't have the knowledge and/or appetite to insure against the possible risks of metal detecting.

Fortunately, the NCMD have a relationship with Hiscox, and you'll find some useful information on that tab of their website.

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the National Council for Metal Detecting has benefits which include:

  • Civil liability insurance up to £10m
  • Supporting the body which represents detectorists in meetings with local and national government
  • Receive the "Digging Deep" newsletter


They also have competitions (in which you can win a metal detector) and help people keep up with news from the world of metal detecting.