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Kids Metal Detectors

Kids/Childs/Junior Metal Detectors

Our recent survey carried out by Populus showed that 59% of adults with at least 1 child aged 18 or under thought that their child(ren) would enjoy metal detecting as a hobby.


Unlike experienced detectorists who might be spending upwards of £1000 on a metal detector, parents looking to buy a metal detector for their kids want something that is:


  • simple and fun to use
  • requires little or no assembly
  • doesn't cost a lot

Kids metal detectors don't need to be able to discriminate (tell the difference) between various types of metal.


For children, the fun is in the beeping and the digging.


Plenty of parents (myself included!) take some spare change down to the beach just to make sure that they find something.


Here are some of the best reviewed and most popular child/junior metal detectors available today.


*In our opinion, the Minelab Go-Find 11 is definitely the best kids/childs/junior metal detector available if you have the budget.