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November 2021- Monthy Round Up

November 2021- Monthy Round Up

Welcome to November's monthly round up of the top stories in the world of metal detecting. We have gathered together for you some of our favourite articles to have hit the news. If we have missed any important news, please let us know, and we’d love to hear what you think about what we have included.

And as always we love to hear about your own recent finds and successes. You can contact us here or also via our Detectorlist facebook page.


November Metal Detecting

An inquest has led to the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold coins ever found in England being declared as treasure.

This hugely important find has been dated to the same era as the Sutton Hoo ship burial near Woodbridge in Suffolk, and Gareth Williams from the British Museum has stated that it is the largest coin hoard of the period known to date.

The entire hoard was found within a single field, with the first coin being discovered in 1991, but it was not until 2014 that further coins, dating to about AD610, were found.

An anonymous metal detectorist found 131 coins along with four gold objects in the field in North West Norfolk, and they notified the appropriate authorities. A further ten coins were found by a police officer who ended up being jailed for 16 months after he attempted to sell his findings!

Norwich Castle is hoping to acquire this internationally significant hoard for its display.

You can read more about these findings HERE.


November Metal Detecting

A tiny gold Bible, which is thought to be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and to have belonged to medieval royalty, has been discovered by a metal detectorist in North Yorkshire.

The lucky finder of this treasure was Buffy Bailey, an NHS nurse from Lancaster, who regularly goes metal detecting with her husband all over the country. She was searching farmland near Sheriff Hutton Castle in North Yorkshire when her detector picked up a strong signal close to a footpath.

Buffy dug down around five inches and discovered this fascinating solid gold Bible. It has engravings of medieval patron saints of childbirth on it. She said "It was so heavy and shiny - just absolutely beautiful. When you held it into the light it threw rainbows at you."

The gold bible is currently being assessed by the Yorkshire Museum, but they have already announced that it is an 'internationally important' find.

If you would like to know more about this find and it's incredible history, read the full news report HERE.


November Metal Detecting

An ornate dagger, which would have been wielded by a Roman soldier 2,000 years ago, has been discovered by an amateur archaeologist in Switzerland.

And thanks to this initial find, a team of archaeologists have excavated the site and uncovered hundreds of artefacts from a "lost" battlefield, from a time when Imperial Rome was seeking to consolidate power in the area.

It is believed that a legionary may have intentionally buried the newfound dagger after the battle, perhaps as a token of thanks for the victory. Only four similar daggers have ever been found, so this was a pretty special find.

Read the full story HERE.


Lucky 13 year old Milly Hardwick found a Bronze Age axe hoard on just her third ever metal detecting dig!

Milly picked up the new hobby over the summer holidays and was with her father on a dig organised by the Woburn Detecting Store in a field near Royston in Hertfordshire in September when she picked up a signal.

Whether it is beginners luck or the beginning of a successful detecting career, Milly's finds have earned her respect and recognition from metal detecting enthusiasts up and down the country.

Archaeologists had to excavate Milly's find, which turned out to be made up of 65 pieces dating back to 1300 BC, and the proud teenager was allowed to take Monday off school to formally sign it over to the local coroner.

Milly, who would like to be an archaeologist when she is older, said "Whenever I go out I find stuff. I've found a gold-plated button and a Queen Elizabeth coin. It's just nice being in the field for hours and you get a signal and it could literally be anything."

You can read more about the lucky teenager HERE.


If you have enjoyed reading about the top finds of this month, check out some of our favourite stories from September and October too!



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