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Detectorist's Q&A

Detectorist's Q&A The idea of this page is to feature questions and answers with detectorists who have recently made the news following a great find.

Our first Q&A is with Sean Sandercock, who recently made the news following his exciting gold half-sovereign find in Devon.

1.  How long have you been metal detecting?
I’ve been Detecting 15 months

2.  Are you a member of any metal detecting clubs?
I’m a member of Axe Valley Searchers.  Axe Valley has around 100 members. We normally meet every week weather depending. The benefit of being a member of Axe Valley Searchers is that we normally go metal detecting on good ground with history.  There is a lot of knowledge in the club.

3.  Can you tell us a bit about your recent find (where, when and what)?
Gold Henry V111 Half Sovereign found 2 weeks ago (January 2020) in Devon

4.  What did you do when you found it?
I was completely overwhelmed by the experience!

5.  Have you had any other good/valuable/interesting finds?
A medieval silver strap end of a buckle which is currently with the FLO

6.  What metal detectors have you used, and which one(s) do you use now?
XP Deus and a Equinox 800.  My favourite machine is the XP Deus. They are very different machines to the Equinox 800. The Equinox is a lot harder to understand and it's iron discrimination is not as good as the Deus. I also think the Deus has a faster recovery of Identifying targets and you can swing the Deus faster due to this. Getting used to the 'Nox takes time

7.  What other equipment would you describe as essential for a detectorist?
Good gloves and the correct footwear and clothing

8.  Any other advice for someone just starting the hobby?
Learn your machine , fully understand it, dig everything and never give up


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